Currently in the San Antonio area there are a number of roofing companies that offer a free roofing estimate. It’s important to understand what roofing estimates are available for residential roofing and commercial roofing. There is definitely a difference between a residential roofing estimate and a commercial roofing estimate. Roofing estimates for residential are typically not as thorough as a commercial roofing estimate.

Free Roofing Estimate

Why roofing estimates for residential roofing can be fairly quick and straightforward identifying any potential problems created by any recent storms. Typically if you’re doing a roofing estimate in the San Antonio area it’s for a couple of different reasons no different really than any other City but it’s because you number one either expect that there was some damage due to a storm that happened or potentially you’re buying a new home and want to ensure that the roof is in good working order. Replacing the roof once you purchase the house could be a very costly endeavor.  It’s imperative that you take the time beforehand and make sure that your investment is a sound investment or that you’ve negotiated to have the roof replaced prior to purchasing the home. it’s also important that you understand that there’s a difference in order of who gets taken care of when it comes to customers requesting a free roofing estimate.

Free roofing estimates are fantastic when the roofer has time to perform them he’s doing this as a service to potentially when your business over. However in the case where often there’s a time crunch because you’re closing on a home this is one of the checklist that has to be done it’s important to mention that these are not always free roofing estimates as the requirements for this type of roofing estimate is often more entailed by creating documentation that can be traced back in the event that the roofer finds damage. This will then be used for information purposes that will relate to the potential negotiation of the house. For example if you find that the roof has $40,000 worth of damage and that’s the actual replacement cost this could come into the negotiation.

Call For a Free Roofing Estimate Near San Antonio

With that a free roofing estimate for residential although be it a great thing to take advantage of you’re asking a refer to potentially take a lot of time away from other potential business so roofers have started asking for a minimum amount ranging from 50 to $100 to just do the documentation. A good roofing company will come out and do the documentation on site and email you a copy right away if that’s the case and you’re in a negotiation for a home.  there’s a lot less stress when it comes to doing a roofing estimate for potential damages because this process does take time and has to be cleared through your insurance company if this is a home that you already own. Special considerations would be that if the roofer gets on your roof and discovers real damage that needs attention. Most insurance companies have allowances for tarping you’re rough to prevent any further damage. Depending on the level of damage these allowances can be anywhere between 2 to $600 for just temporarily tarping your roof to prevent any further damage from happening. these roofing estimates are typically put out within a few days but some roofing companies can do them immediately and send them to you while sitting in your driveway. special considerations to why they may not have that available could be that an accurate measurement still needs to be taken and price considerations on products such as asphalt roofing can change from month to month. This can be a significant impact on a roofing project if oil prices fluctuates as this is a oil based product made from asphalt.  when it comes to commercial roofing inspections not all these are typically free estimates. In fact most roofing companies in the San Antonio area do charge for a commercial roofing estimate as the size of the commercial roof is typically more than your residential roof. Meaning that the cost of replacement could be in most cases double triple or even more than you can possibly imagine the potential risk if not properly documented. The commercial roofing estimates are typically very thorough with many pictures documenting dates times and potential damages. If no damages are present this information is then documented and sent to the customer. These commercial roofing estimates can be used as evidence of potential damage or lack thereof damage ensuring your security of your policy. Ultimately in the event of a storm having this damage or having this evidence from the third party really helps you when it comes to claiming real damage. so not all estimates are created equal some are free some cost money it just depends on the type that you’re looking for. Ultimately finding the right referred depends on finding resources in the local area that you can trust. If you’re looking for a local resource for a roofing estimate be sure to contact us we look forward to helping you here in the San Antonio area with any of your residential roofing repairs, residential roofing replacements or commercial repair or replacements.

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