When it comes to roof replacements or repairing a roof you might be a rookie in fact most insurance companies are counting on it. That’s why it’s so important to understand what your rights are when it comes to an insurance replacement for your roof.

I would like my first stating that most insurance companies are above board and are there to help the insured get properly reimbursed for the loss of property.
However, it’s coming to my attention on several occasions for extenuating circumstances that many property owners are often either underpaid by a significant percentage or not paid at all because they’re not asking the right questions.
Arming yourself with information is the first step in getting what you have coming to you and getting paid out properly by your insurance company. On average companies in the San Antonio area pay between 10 and 20% less than what they should be paying for replacement values and repairs for roofs.

How does this happen?

The large percentage of individuals that get paid less than what they should are just not being persistent. all too often things go underpaid or not paid it all because people don’t ask the right questions.
understanding your policy is the first step in understanding what you have coming to you for the replacement value for your property. Although looking at insurance information can be quite daunting at times when in doubt asking questions and being persistent with not just your sales agent but other people within the company will help you determine whether or not you’re being paid properly for your loss.
The first step is determining whether or not you have actual damage to your residential or commercial roof. Determining that starts the process and contributes to many conversations that will happen subsequently.  Taking pictures and documenting potential damage is an absolute must.
The best case scenario is a scenario like this. A large storm comes through the area and you notice a lot of tree limbs and debris in the yard. you suspect potentially that these large tree limbs may have damaged the roof and you are correct. you call a roofer and the roofer comes out takes a look at the roof and determines that there might have been some damage done to the roof or definitely there is damage done to the roof and you take those pictures that the roofer made of the damage and submit those immediately. Do not clean up the debris in the yard. I know this sounds really crazy I know how everyone is and they always want to clean their yard up.

Why shouldn’t you clean up the yard yet?

The debris in the yard is part of the narrative to the story of how your roof was damaged. you would expect that most individuals that do roof inspections would be able to take one look at the roof and determine yes this damage was done by a storm and it must have been from the one that just happened.
On several occasions I have talked to homeowners that were out cleaning up the yard the next day and waiting for weeks for the guy to come and do the roof inspection and when they finally showed up that narrative about how the roof was damaged was cleaned up in the yard look pristine. It’s going to take every bit of your OCD to not want to clean that roof or clean off the debris in your yard. But don’t do it it may cost you thousands of dollars.
it’s essentially like getting in a car wreck driving the car home and saying I’ll call the police later and have the damage report written up. That damage could have happened anywhere. You could be waiting quite some time for someone to come out but it is absolutely in your best interest to wait until they come.
Okay so what’s the big secret when it comes to insurance companies? Guess what if you’re not happy with the decision that they’ve given you or the check that they’ve paid you don’t cash it. They are absolutely incentivized to close out your case as quickly as possible. You need to understand that this is a negotiation and it’s not written in stone. they act like it is and they will give you a check quickly because they know that if they pay enough people less than 10 or 20% this makes a huge bottom line for them.
if your experiencing trouble with your insurance company there are two things that you can do number one go to naic.org and take a look at this website this is the governing body for all insurance companies and if you mention NAIC to your insurance agent it will make them shake in their oversized Texas boots.
Secondly the thing that you can do in your best interest if this passive aggressive threat of contacting NAIC doesn’t work then contact and adjuster. These people are like having a lawyer in your court when it comes to insurance and the very mention of an adjuster typically scares insurance companies into doing the right thing.
I want to be completely clear this information is not to scam insurance companies but only to reset the balance and power so your educated on what your rights are as the insured. If you don’t have damage on your roof and your roofer agrees that that damage is caused by either something else or because it’s just an old roof then it is what it is.
however, I was compelled to write this because all too often I’ve seen the greater number of individuals be taken advantage of by not understanding exactly what their rights are.
If you roof sustain suspected damage to your roof the best thing you can do is schedule an immediate roofing estimate and inspection by a local roofer right here in the San Antonio area.
Give us a call today to get your free roofing estimate scheduled and start your process with us worry-free.