Choosing a right roof is important. I’ve been in the roofing industry here in the great state of Texas now for nearly half my life. Growing up in the industry specifically roofing now for 25 years I’ve had the opportunity to see thousands and thousands of roofs be replaced residentially and commercially right here in the San Antonio area. my friend here at this company asked me to write a brief how to choose the right roof for your home or commercial Business believing that my years of experience might be beneficial to someone right here in the San Antonio or greater Texas area. When it comes to my experience in roofing starting at the age of 15 my father’s business was busy doing estimates for all types of roofing systems. Everything from asphalt shingles, traditional clay tile that we see here in and around the Texas area as well as a multitude of different gauge metal roofs that you see throughout the great state of texas. The reason for choosing a roofing system can be quite different for many reasons. I hope to address a couple of reasons in this short synopsis on how to choose the best roof replacement for your home in San Antonio texas.

What Roof Will Fit for your Residential or Commercial Property

The number one thing for most consumers is price. being a price conscious consumer is certainly a quality of its own. finding your best opportunity to get the highest quality materials at the lowest potential price is the goal of any potential roof replacement whether it’s residential roofing or commercial property roofing. Here’s how I suggest you shop number one know if you had damage on your roof due to a recent storm. if a recent storm has passed through and there is damage to your roof you could be potentially in a position to recover some of your costs through an insurance claim. One myth about filing a claim is that it does not go on any type of record it’s literally having the individual insurance agent send out a roof inspector to see if there’s potential damage. if that’s a worry for you the best way around this is to have an individual roofer like this one come out and do a free roofing estimate for you giving you the confidence at that point whether or not you should file a potential claim with your insurance agent.  Currently price conscious consumers are choosing more asphalt shingles than any other style by the numbers of course higher-end homes typically have a higher-end roof something like clay tiles or a very strong gauge metal raised roof.  even while shopping for a replacement roof within the asphalt products it’s important to understand that there are varying degrees of qualities even within that particular style roofing system. For example the low end asphalt shingle will be a three tab asphalt shingle. The lower end will have a warranty of 15 years potentially. On the high end of asphalt you can get into all kinds of dimensional shingles that range from 30 to 50 year warranty roofs. and by the way I’ve never seen a roof last that long in Texas because of the crazy weather we get down here.
The other types of roofs that are very common but not as common as the asphalt roofs here in the San Antonio area would be the clay tile or the metal roofing. These are definitely a longer lasting roof but have a heavier front end investment. If you’re doing a brand new build and plan on being there for several years in like the look of either one of those styles of roofs this is what people typically choose. I find a number of people that build their what we call forever home or retirement home tend to choose higher and quality products with lower maintenance cost. Although on the front end the cost will be heavier on the back end with low levels of maintenance cost this could be the home that this person potentially lives in and maintenance free pending any major disasters. In the hail storm of 2016 these clay tile homes we’re not spared many niceties because the damage was so severe even the clay tiles could not stand up against the large hail storm we had. making sure that you’re properly insured for the replacement cost of a tile or a metal roof is the number one consideration when making an investment in a high-end roofing system. if you’re in the market for a refer and looking for someone that has the reputation and delivery as well as the customer service click on the link below and talk to my friends here. Because choosing the right roofing system doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it. My friends here at this company will be able to help you talk through the the advantages or potential disadvantages of having a different roofing system.