When it comes to roofing material there are many choices, but not all these choices are created equally. Many types of materials often presents confusion with different types of options that you’ve maybe never even considered. With my 25 years experience in roofing, I hope to impart some knowledge that makes good common sense when it comes to purchasing your next roof for your home or for your business.

If you follow some of my other roofing blogs you will have no doubt ran across the one that talks about choosing the right roofer first. Let’s assume that you’ve got a relationship with a roofing company or someone that has previously done roofing for you or has been highly recommended. Now assuming that we have the right person picked out to do an installation it’s time to have a conversation about the roofing material that you would like to replace the existing roof.
Here’s where it gets into making some choices that I’m not only economic choices driven by sometimes replacement values if this is an insurance claim but also based on the budgets that we all live by. Let’s assume that the choice you are looking to make is a combination of making sure it fits within the parameters of the insurance claim or even within the out-of-pocket amount you might have to spend in order to replace the roof.
So let’s think through the different options. Again based on my more than two decades of experience I’ve had thousands of opportunities to have these same conversations with customers replacing not only residential but business roofs as well. Here’s what it comes down to finding that perfect balance between the budget and a goal that you would like to define prior to having a roof installation. If that goal is to just meet a very short period of time or within a budget that is provided by the insurance company there are a couple different ways to look at how you want to go about replacing the roof. Often an insurance company will give you an equivalent value replacement if they do a full replacement for your roof covered under the insurance companies policy. If this roof for example is a metal roof that replacement value is going to be much higher than an average asphalt roof. I always talk to customers about how often they plan on staying at a home or if they’re purchasing a roof to add value to the existing home. For example metal roof that has a raised metal seam can often be viewed as very attractive and have lots of curb appeal this can add extra value to the home because of its perceived ability to last longer. But again it’s only a perceived ability to last longer. We have experienced large storms and Texas that is proven even the largest metal roofs not being able to withstand the damaging force of Texas size hail. For example the largest insurance claim in the country historically was here in 2016. Better known as Hale Zilla.
Sometimes choosing an synthetic or asphalt roof replacement instead of a metal replacement would be a better choice knowing that we would probably experience some type of large weather event within the next 5 to 6 years. The replacement value of the metal roof is going to be a larger out-of-pocket deductible versus the relatively small amount of out-of-pocket deductible or full replacement value if not covered by the insurance company. I like to think about it is choosing a time frame that you want this roof to last for. Often you see asphalt shingles with a 30-year lifetime roof. These are under ideal conditions as you know these can be half of that life or even extremely amounts less. For example there were people that had roofs put on last year but got damaged again in the same year. We’ve put on roofs twice in 1 year with 3 months apart and some cases. The lifetime of a roof is absolutely a best guess under ideal circumstances.
I love tile roofing it is another great product that is so iconic here in Texas because of its beauty and quality and long-lasting nature. I put on thousands of these types of roofs in the Texas area and I highly value the texture and longevity of these roofs. But they are not 100% able to withstand even some of our mild to severe weather that we have here in Texas as well. Choosing the right material comes down to balancing these two factors the budget and the practicality of what you’re trying to accomplish.
Once you found the right company to work with like a company such as ours you will find that our roofing knowledge is wide and deep and we can offer a range of great examples, colors and textures of different types of materials that will fit your budget as well as your aesthetic qualifications and needs. If you’re looking to replace a roof or need that free roofing estimate to figure out what it’s going to cost. Consider us and give us a call today.