When it comes to an expensive investment or a replacement asphalt shingles could be the ideal solution.

The question I proposed in this title of this article is are there advantages to using asphalt shingles? and the answer to that can be complicated depending on what you’re looking for.
There are some statistics out there that say nearly 80% of all homes in the United States are currently using asphalt shingles. Who knows if that’s true but let’s say for instance it’s 50%. If 50% of the homes in the United States are currently utilizing traditional asphalt shingles there must be a reason why.

Why Asphalt Shingles Are Commonly Used

one of the most compelling and obvious reasons that asphalt shingles are commonly used is because of the relative inexpensive cost and low cost of installation.
a 10 ft by 10 ft area is what is called a square in the roofing industry. That is a standard size measurement used to give you the cost of 100 ft area. it’s basic geometry and most houses are very easy to figure out total square. that’s language you’re going to have to get comfortable understanding and understanding a 10 ft by 10 ft area and how it’s figured is the first step in understanding your total cost of installation for your roof.
In the San Antonio area a 10 ft by 10 ft area which is again called a square can range anything from $250 to $400 per square depending on if you’re doing what is called a layover or a complete tear off which is pretty self-explanatory.

Major Advantage of Asphalt Shingles

The major advantage is your material cost and labor cost are very inexpensive. However although inexpensive it means only that on the front end. Three tab asphalt shingles are perfectly fine for homes that are not Your top end home. When you’re dealing with a really expensive home and asphalt shingle often makes it look cheap. This is where you get into inexpensive on the front end or inexpensive on the back end. What the rich know and the secret is when you can afford quality it’s actually much cheaper in the long term than it is in the short term. The upfront costs are often the bar that most people cannot get over. However, asphalt shingles serve an incredible purpose for so many residential roofs and so many commercial properties as well. The relative easy installation has made this a choice product for nearly 100 years and it’s only gotten better through time. Choosing the right color is an important thing to consider especially in the San Antonio area. one of the reasons people choose metal roofs is because of the reflective qualities of the heat. We obviously have a lot of sun in the San Antonio area during most of the year. This combined with a black shingle can create more heat that gets trapped in your roof. With that you need to be able to compensate by having proper ventilation. a lighter color roof creates what is called an albedo effect. This is the same effect that you get from White Snow reflecting the ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere. It’s one of the reasons you see large distribution centers that are cold storage with white roofs on them. You will also notice this in large industrial areas. Although it might not be the exact look and feel that you’re trying to get it’s actually one of the more practical colors a lighter color shingle for your roof.
So it’s not exactly a misleading title are there advantages to an asphalt roof? There are actually multiple advantages depending on what your goals are. A more expensive home definitely typically demands of more impressive roof and that’s going to be so with metal or tile. Sometimes you will see slate as well.
Overall even if the statistics are not correct and if only 50% of homes use asphalt shingles there are multiple compelling reasons to continue using them. Aside from any installation problems that you may have or any weather conditions that blow off a shingle here or there it’s relatively easy to find a contractor to come and replace that shingle or two that you might have or the ridge cap that might be blown from a large storm that comes through the San Antonio area. one of the things to keep in mind is pricing again up front understanding what a 10 ft by 10 ft area is called as a square and that is how the roofing industry figures total cost for the roofing.
There are several other things that come into play such as the quality of shingle that you’re purchasing and if it is a complete tear off or layover all of these things take time energy and effort which equal more money depending on the strategy that you’re taking. Rest assured asphalt shingles are here for a while and aren’t going away anytime soon. Choose wisely my friend and call us if you need any help.
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