I live in the San Antonio area and I’ve been asking around to several people around the area what they spent to get their asphalt shingles replaced and the answer I have come up with really depends on specifically where you live in San Antonio. what I find out through my own investigation is it can cost anywhere between 5000 as a low range up to 10,000 or even 15 to 20,000 depending on the size of the roof replacement.
okay so what I wanted to know next during my investigation of what is the cost of replacing an asphalt roof in the San Antonio area is why are there so many variables in the prices?
This is what I found out asphalt shingles sometimes are called a composition roof this particular roof is not the most expensive roof you will buy in comparison to metal roofing or tile roofing it’s actually the most reasonably priced roofing available.
It’s a decent product and it definitely serves its purpose. Aesthetically it’s not as visually pleasing as many of the other types of roofs are available but then again you pay for what you get. Some of the higher-end homes have higher-end roofs but throughout the San Antonio area you will find a mix of asphalt or composite roofing as well as metal or tile roofing here in the San Antonio area.
The relatively low cost for asphalt shingles is a huge plus for people that are on a budget. Also, this shingle does not require a high level of skill to install. this is what really makes this product of very affordable mid-range to long-lasting product that many individuals will consider for a roof replacement.
Earlier I discussed the range of prices and getting into the discussion about the price really gets into about how much square foot do you have to replace. Typically roofers look at a space on the roof as a hundred square feet which is a 10 by 10 area on your roof. this is typically how a roofer would estimate how much of the particular product specifically asphalt shingles you will need to replace or repair a particular section in your roof.
Other things are factors to keep into consideration or things like the pitch the slope and as we’ve already discussed the size of your roof. All of those factors come into consideration as well as deciding on a specific product will affect the final cost of your roof repair or roof replacement.

Asphalt Shingles New Roof Cost Estimate


Choosing the product that you decide on next is an important piece of the next step in replacing or repairing the roof. there are many popular name brands out in the market and comparing prices to them is an important thing as well as understanding what the features are and protections as well as warranties they might offer. For example, one name brand Owens Corning sells many three tab asphalt shingles these can cost you anywhere between one and $2 a square foot. So understanding the ratio that I explained earlier that refers to look at your roof in a 10ft by 10ft space. This is 100 square feet. So at 1 or $2 a square foot for this particular brand of shingle you can already figure that a price per bundle would probably cost you at the high-end $37 but at the low-end probably around $20 per bundle. This would be a very wide variety of choices that you would be given in a shingle from a company like Owens Corning. When you compare another roofing company like they are very comparable in price or slightly more. You could expect to pay between $4 at the high end and this would include a hail or algae growth as well as some type of wind protection at that price down to as low as $2 a square foot. Again using that same calculator of 10 foot by 10 foot it really helps you kind of understand how to price out your own roof for actual material cost. Thirdly we will discuss GAF. This is a quality company that has a decent product and is considered very comparable to like Owens Corning shingle. Similar in price somewhere around 1 to $2 a square foot but you will get a high-performance shingle and they’re going to be a class a fire rating that will come with this. Typically GAF offers a really great wind resistant shingle very similar in quality to an Owens Corning.

How to Price out for asphalt shingle Roofing?

so hopefully you understand a little bit more about how to price out the quantity for the roofing materials that you would need with understanding a good mid-range as well as a high range price that you might have to pay for an asphalt shingle or composite roof. Of course, one thing to keep into consideration is it’s possible that there are less expensive options out there. You can find some shingles sometimes that are very discounted but it’s important to understand what you’re buying. There are some inferior asphalt shingle products on the market and if your goal is to have a piece of property protected then I would suggest knowing what the features are and specifically understanding the product that you’re using on that particular roof.

The reason I wanted to understand more about how much money it was going to cost to replace my roof was simply I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to be ripped off by some roofer that was taking advantage of somebody that was a bit ignorant when it came to the cost of replacing or repairing a roof. trying to know what I didn’t know became an important piece of me getting online and giving myself a bit of an education on the cost of the roof.

I don’t know if you’re like me but when we initially were told that we had storm damage I then get online and found a roofer that came out and explained to me that my roof was a total loss. I didn’t really understand at the time with that meant he explained to me that my insurance company would surely replace the entire roof for whatever my deductible was.

So begin the search for the replacement of my asphalt roof and I like many people wanted to talk to a couple of different roofers and get different prices. I couldn’t get anybody to really explain to me the difference between the prices that I was being quoted other than oh we just use this type of shingle but they wouldn’t take the time to explain to me what the features or why it was a better quality shingle.

Also, at the time I’m writing this I was very cost-sensitive because of what was going on in the world at the time. I thought if I could just repair it myself I might not have to use the deductible but if it is a total loss it’s probably better for me to get the thing completely replaced as it is most likely going to be considered storm damage according to the other two roofing estimates that I had.

this is still a to be continued story I am now currently waiting for my insurance company to come out and assess the damage due to the local storms that happened here in San Antonio in the last couple of weeks. In all likelihood, if they do say it has to be replaced then it’s going to be something I will definitely get done professionally as I do not have the skill-set although it may be easy to do is something that I don’t want to do incorrectly. So this is the to be continued story about what it cost to replace your roof with quality asphalt shingle. I hope some of these things that I’m learning are helpful to your search if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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